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Mobile phone holders for the car and Magnetic ring mounts.

Here you will find the market's most ideal mobile holder for the car and on the go.

Magnetic Mobile Holders are the solution for optimal use for the car. Available in a variety of designs to suit your personal style, the mobile holder is the ultimate product for those who do not want to leave their mobile phone behind. The stylish designs suits all mobile cases and occasions. Products part of Accessories of Attraction range.*

Magnetic Ring Mounts are a stylish way of ensuring optimal and comfortable use of your phone while on the go. Equipped with the highest grade N52 magnet disk to slide seamlessly under your IDEAL OF SWEDEN phone case and makes sure your cell phone stays safely in your hand. The Ring Mount eases tension in your hand while scrolling through feeds, serves as a stand while watching videos, and makes sure you don’t drop your phone. Products part the range Accessories of Attraction*

Accessories of Attraction*

Some people just click. So do our accessories.

We love to make connections. That’s why we’ve introduced Accessories of Attraction - a selected range of products that are effortlessly interchangeable and drawn to each other by a simple magnetic click. Equipped with strong, yet lightweight magnets, our products allow you to create the most perfect matches and make meaningful connections, down to every detail of your life. Make a connection with Accessories of Attraction.