• Gold-tone hardware detailing around the camera.
  • This product is made of ethical and animal-free materials
  • High quality microfiber lining on the inside.
  • Gold-tone embossed logo.
  • Accessories of Attraction: This design is part of our magnetically compatible product range and is compatible with our Wallets, Clutches Magnetic Card Holders and Phone Holder designs.
  • Compatible with our wireless QI-Chargers.


Atelier AirPods Case
44.99 USD

Wild Cameo

  • 1 year warranty
  • Fast delivery
  • 14 days of return
Wild Cameo presents a delightfully structured design that showcases warm beige tones and bold textures for a sensational touch of luxury. Experience refined minimalism with the irresistible Croco and Snake textures and crisp colourways. This design features an embossed Croco and embossed Snake.

  • Gold-tone detailing.
  • This product is made of ethical and animal-free materials
  • Measurements for Generation 1 & 2: 47,8 mm in Width x 57,5 mm in Height.
  • Measurements for Pro : 65,3 mm in Width x 49,6 in Height.
  • Premium PU material.
  • Compatible with both our QI wireless chargers and charging Cables.