Luminous textures, dreamy structures and empowering statements – the new Therése

Lindgren x iDeal Of Sweden Collection is an ode to Therése’s love for nature and her powerful, genuine personality. The Swedish author, entrepreneur and influencer loves to surround herself with the beauty of nature and the little joys in life.

Therése’s eye for fashion and design is deeply rooted. “I’ve always been a creative and visual person,” the Swedish influencer shares. “I enjoy surrounding myself with beautiful things; it is how my interest for design was born.”

The ‘Silky Dream’ design particularly captures the essence of the collection and is a personal favourite of Therése’s. Instead of working with prints, she opted to use the beauty of different textures. Her collaboration with iDeal Of Sweden was an inspiring process, she explains:

“The best part was to work with the team at iDeal Of Sweden. Everything was just so easy! I felt like my ideas were truly seen and heard, starting from my mood board to asking about my feedback. It’s been amazing to see the first drafts, and to try something entirely new with the rose gold details!”

Therése describes her collection as sensual and harmonic, which was very important to her. “I am like a chameleon; I change my style depending on how I feel that day. It needs to be functional and comfortable, but most importantly, it has to feel like me.”

The collection truly captures Therése’s cheerful, yet sensitive and thoughtful personality. The influencer’s life has not always been as easy as it may appear. After suffering from depression in 2012, the path to recovery was a rocky one. Therése got to a point where panic attacks ruled her life. She stopped working and traveling, and admits to being afraid of seeking help. Now, years later, Therése knows herself better than ever before.

“Today I dare to face uncomfortable situations and know when to ask for help. Many people can relate, so the response is almost always understanding and empathetic. People often open up in return.”

Therése turned her vulnerabilities into strengths and opportunities by sharing her feelings on her YouTube channel while she was on sick leave. When she regained her strength and creativity, she used her channel as a creative and emotional outlet. Today, her platform has grown into a multi-media company. Most recently, Therése founded her very own vegan skincare brand.

The influencer’s personal story is authentic and genuine, which draws people and brands to her. She is a modern heroine, showing the world that depression is nothing to hide or be ashamed of. Her honest, transparent nature is refreshing, and it’s what her followers love most about her.

Therése takes great inspiration from her followers. “I think of my followers as siblings,” she tells us. “I receive nothing but love [from them].”

When thinking about the future, Therése wants to give back and continue supporting people suffering from depression. To follow her passions is her number one priority.

“Always listen to what’s on the inside rather than listening to others.”

We couldn’t agree more, Therése! You are a true inspiration to us and so many others.