Embrace the art of simplistic silhouettes, clean lines, and neutral hues that never go out of style.

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Timeless essentials with a contemporary twist

Inspired by Scandinavian minimalism and abstract modernism, this collection is all about timeless essentials with a contemporary twist. These classical yet ultra-modern accessories will perfectly compliment your everyday and work wear, and the fashiontech wearables add a modern and unique touch to your collection. Fill your wardrobe with simplistic silhouettes, clean lines and neutral hues to last forever. nnAt IDEAL OF SWEDEN, it is our belief that there is always reason to build upon classic silhouettes. While a timeless nude might never go out of style, times change and new technological as well as aesthetic inventions are constantly being introduced. We wanted this season’s accessories to reflect the ongoing evolution of neutral staple pieces and make sure to add a signature twist to our very own collection of timeless classics – creating a collection that caters to your unique essence and self-expression. You’ll find everything from sophisticated shoulder bags that play on the duality of sophisticated taupe hues and trendy assymetrical buckles, minimalistic AirPods bags with colourblocked neutrals and gold hardware detailing, to mobile cases with elegant yet daring floral prints.nnAs is the case for all of IDEAL OF SWEDEN’s products, all new pieces in the New Neutrals collection are crafted from 100% ethical and animal-free materials and adhere to the highest quality standards.